During these tumultuous times, many are asking, “What Can I Do?”

There is finally an action you can take that will make a significant impact. The government is issuing stimulus checks to individuals around the country. While this money is lifesaving for many, to others, it comes as a nice surprise. And for those not eligible to receive a check, we wholeheartedly appreciate your generosity as well.

DonateStimulus is a centralized hub that works as a catalyst to encourage people to provide financial support to exceptional charities during this pandemic. We have identified Charity Partners with great purpose and operating with minimal overhead so that the majority of your generous contributions go directly to those in need. Please note, no donations are made to our site. Your contribution goes directly to the Charity Partner that you choose to help.

The need is there. The time is now.

What Will You Do?

Donate today and share the opportunity to contribute hope.